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City of Albuquerque,

Sunport Terminal Apron Reconstruction Phase III

Contract Type – Prime Contract

Contact: Mike Provine, PE, Molzen Corbin,  Project Engineer/Manager, (505)242-5700

Contract Amount: $3,881,216.76

Contract Date: December 17, 2015

Substantial Completion: October, 2016

Additional Work Completed: January, 2017


Project Scope:

Removal and Replacement of Critical Sunport Terminal Apron Surfacing.

Major Contract Items

•5200 sy - 10” Concrete Pavement

•14800 sy – 16.5” Concrete Pavement

•20,000 sy – Asphalt Base Course

•20,000 sy – 20” Subgrade Preparation

•Storm Drain System and Structures

•Removal / Dispose 20,000 sy Existing Concrete Pavement

•Contractor Quality Control Program

•Airfield Traffic Control Management

"I highly recommend VITAL for any project they are proposing for. They were able to overcome weather & subgrade issues, allow for continuous operations of our facility & still meet project schedule."

-James D. Hinde

Director of Aviation

City of Albuquerque

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