Black Arroyo Wildlife Park Trail

Rio Rancho, NM; CN A301530

Contract Type – Prime Contract

COA Contact: David Gatterman, Project Manager, SSCAFCA,  (505) 892-7246

Contract Amount: $812,204.99

Contract Date: June 26, 2015

Substantial Completion: December, 2015

Final Seeding: March,2016

Project Scope: Wildlife Desert Trail project consisting of asphalt trail, crossing structures, drainage structures, storm ponds and water harvesting features.

Major Contract Items:

•160 ft Pedestrian Bridge

•80 ft Pedestrian Bridge

•5600 sy, 1.6 mile Asphalt Path

•60” RCP Bridge Structure

•Concrete ADA Compliant Parking

•Boulder Benches and Bollards

•8900 cy Excavation/Grading

VCG worked closely with SSCAFCA to overcome several field issues as well as design and alignment of the bridge Structures to create an enclosed wildlife park environment.